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Synth and Software Newsroom

Deskew Gig Performer 5: Another Big Update

Nick Batzdorf

Come to an Intensive Electronic Music/Audio Design Workshop with Roger Linn

Geary Yelton

Synth and Software, September 2020

Mark Jenkins

Synth and Software CD Reviews: Rick Wakeman, Carl Palmer, Steve Hillage, Damo Suzuki, Dave Gate

Jim Aikin

Bitwig Studio: The Synth and Software Review

Marty Cutler

Glass Orchestra Sample Library for UVI Workstation and Falcon – the Synth and Software Review

Kays Al-Atrakchi

Soniccouture AC-DR Acoustic Drum Machine: the Synth and Software Review

John Krogh

Heavyocity Gravity 2 – the Synth and Software Review

Gerry Bassermann

Composer’s Forum: What Makes a Good Song Idea?

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer Presents at ARP 2500 ‘Synthposium’ – the Modular Synth’s 50th Anniversary

David Battino

ArduTouch Puts Way-Cool Sounds in Your Hand

John McJunkin

What has Dom Beken Been Up To?

Drew Schlesinger

Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synthesists

Rob Shrock

Favorite Piano Sample Libraries: New Synth and Software Series

Jay Asher

Synth and Software Review: Kirk Hunter’s Latest String Quintet Library

Jeff Burger

Fluid Audio FX80 Point Source Studio Monitors – the Discerning Synth and Software Review

Chris Stack

Three Vignettes for Moog Subharmonicon and ASM Hydrasynth

Roger Linn

The Allure of Physical Modeling

Erik Hawk

The Behringer MonoPoly 4-Voice Analog Synth Video Review and Demo

Patrice Devincentis

Pioneers of Electronic Music: Oram, Anderson, and Dudley

Paul Lehrman

The Kvetch: Love Reason, Hate The New Version

Kim Bjørn

Free Audio Download: The Story of Bob Moog

Markkus Rovito

Korg Volca Nubass reviewed by Markkus Rovito

Malcolm Doak

Curio Cabinet: Meico Electronics Patch Commander & MIDI Commander (c.1987)

James Rotondi

UVI Key Suite Bundle Edition Review

Mike Levine

Review: Arturia 3 Delays You Will Actually Use

Jim Combs

Korg ARP 2600 FS: A Long-Awaited​ Wish Comes True

Michael Whalen

How to Design Sounds Like a Film Composer

MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)

Supercharge Your Creativity by Exploring the Depths of MIDI

Bill Kopp

Dan Lacksman: The Electronic System Man

Stephen Limbaugh

7.2 Steps To Heaven: Dolby ATMOS and Apple Spatial Audio

Tom Sailor

Realitone Realivox Blue Review

Larry The O

Acoustic Appropriation

Jerry Kovarsky

Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists

Guest Contributor

From the Book PATCH & TWEAK: Random Sources

Gino Robair

This Month’s Module: Qu-bit Electronix Chord v2 Review

Drew Raison

Whatever Happened to Keith Emerson’s Moog?

Don Slepian

Max Mathews and Me

Dan Simpson

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Review

Clifton Develle Cameron

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2 Review

Alan S. Lenhoff and David E. Robertson

Collecting Keys: The Value of Vintage Instruments

Andy Jones

New Review: Waves StudioVerse and StudioRack Plug-in Chainer