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Eventide Audio Rotary Mod

Eventide Audio Rotary Mod offers emulation of classic Leslie speaker for mobile music creation on iPhone and iPad. Eventide is proud to release Rotary Mod for iOS,

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Max Mathews and Me

Memories of the founding father of computer-based music. Max Vernon Mathews (born November 13, 1926; died April 21, 2011) was the Bell Labs scientist who

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When you are in an electronic music environment, it’s like cooking. It’s like mixing spices, mixing textures. I see electronic music as cooking, as being in the kitchen.

Jean-Michel Jarre

Photo, Geary Yelton

After over thirty years of being without it, I am thrilled to once again be able to use the Oberheim trademark for my products. I am very grateful to the new leadership team of Gibson for making this possible.

Tom Oberheim


My musical world is quite wide. I love playing at all speeds. Dream Theater is known as a band that are really a bunch of virtuosos. But the reality is that even in Dream Theater, everybody enjoys playing slowly at times.

Jordan Rudess



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