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New Beaufort, Vivid Scoring Brass From Orchestral Tools



Orchestral Tools announces Beaufort: A new brass collection inspired by the punchy, heroic sounds of classic New Hollywood cinematic scores.


Performed by some of England’s finest players, this collection of solo and ensemble brass instruments brings these expressive, emotive sounds into the musical toolkit of contemporary classical and film composers. 

Beaufort includes solo trumpet and French horn, an ensemble of three trumpets, an ensemble of four French horns, a three-trombone ensemble, plus a trombone and tuba ensemble for the low end. All solo and ensemble instruments were captured in multiple specialist articulations offering a choice of note onset/attack options. Other articulations provide short notes designed specifically for fast note repeats, including a patch for automatic two, three, and four-note repetitions. These specialist articulations, plus some very careful dynamics modeling, make Beaufort highly playable, and make it much easier to create lively and compelling mockups with a rich and highly realistic sound. 

Beaufort is available now for a special intro offer price of €349 (€499 + VAT regular price) until July 3, 2024. For more information.

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