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Synth and Software Translators

GUS LOZADA is currently Latin America’s sales manager for PreSonus Audio Electronics. He occasionally wrote for the magazine Keyboard and wrote the monthly column “21st Century Recording” for EQ. He was M-Audio’s application specialist for Latin America for 14 years, as well as an Avid Pro Tools application specialist. He also held the position of Ambassador for Akai, Alesis, and Ableton. He has hosted thousands of audio clinics at music stores, trade shows, and universities in more than 25 countries. He has also rocked the entire South American continent as keyboardist and music director for the popular Chilean band La Ley.​

HONG WALTZER was born in China and now lives in Salem, Oregon. She received her degree in English at the University of Inner Mongolia. For many years, she was co-organizer of the Electro-Music festivals in New York and Asheville. She plays the guzheng (a Chinese zither) and performs a modern take on traditional Chinese music in the duo Aftermyth with her husband Greg, an electronic musician. Hong and Greg have also collaborated as Azimuth Visuals, providing computer-generated imagery for live concerts.​

CYNTHIA CÁRDENAS is a multimedia artist, composer, guitarist, and projectionist. She performs audio/visual solo sets and has played in power trios, tribute bands, and full orchestras. Her visual art led her to work as a VJ/stage designer for various artists, events, and festivals, including the multimedia stage production for the New Village Orchestra under the direction of Grammy Award-winner Roy “Futureman” Wooten. Aligning with her passion for fitness, health, and well-being, she teaches wellness and yoga as a certified personal trainer and hatha yoga instructor.

Lorenzo FuentesBorn in Alcoy, Spain, self-taught musician LORENZO FUENTES spent a decade playing in a variety of bands and in studio sessions. From an early age, he was inspired by the music of French synthesist Jean-Michel Jarre, and his interest in synthesizers continues to this day.

CLAUDIA LIVINI was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in a multicultural family, speaking three languages at home. She’s worked as a writer, videographer, producer, editor, and translator for a variety of companies and websites, and as an instructor and researcher for the Religious Studies Department at Florida International University. She’s earned an advanced degree in Literary Studies from the University of Buenos Aires, a B.A. in Women’s Studies, and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Florida International University. She is passionate about spreading information worth knowing and remains curious about languages, including the musical one.

PABLO DELALOZA is an experienced composer-arranger and keyboard/piano player with many years in the field. He has worked on hundreds of music projects covering diverse music styles. His works include producing and recording for renowned artists and creating and producing original music for films, documentaries, TV shows, and commercials. He has been involved with synthesizers since 1980 and keeps expanding his knowledge about them, sound generation and processing, and programming languages. After being introduced to the Haken Continuum in 2016, he started working on Max/MSP and developed its Pitch Table Editor. He also develops in C++ modules for VCV Rack.

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