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Come to an Intensive Electronic Music/Audio Design Workshop with Roger Linn



June 17-24, 2024. DIY your own project. Attend over Zoom if you can’t make it to Stanford!

Now this is cool! Please check out the pictures of some of the projects from last year’s workshop. Actually, check out all the links. It’s interesting even if you can’t make it.

You all know who Roger Linn is, so we won’t insult you or him with an introduction. He teaches the workshop with Sasha Leitman, whose bio describes her as a sound artist, composer, inventor and creative technologist – quite a combo.

Did we mention how cool this sounds?

Annual Stanford Workshop: 
Designing Physical Interactions for Music
June 17 through 21, 2024

Every year around June, I and Sasha Leitman co-teach a one-week, five full days, hands-on workshop about designing and creating simple electronic music/audio projects at Stanford University’s CCRMA computer music school, either in-person or remote via Zoom. 

In the workshop, Sasha and I provide lots of information about sensors, actuators, software, mechanical design and materials, and lots more. We help you come up with a project idea and help you build it. If you’re attending in person, you’ll have access to sensors, actuators and electronic/mechanical tools in the CCRMA Max Lab. Or if you’re attending remotely online, you’ll obtain the needed items in advance. Either way, we’ll provide one-on-one help with your project. 

Given that the workshop is only one week, the projects are generally simple, providing a novel way of interacting with sensors to generate sounds, controlled by software written for a Teensy microcontroller board or a laptop. Click the picture below for some examples of projects from the 2023 workshop:

Our microcomputing platform of choice for projects is the Teensy microcontroller board, which is based on the Arduino software environment, but students are welcome to use their development platform of choice. 

The workshop is conducted both in-person at Stanford ($500) or remote online from anywhere ($250). It is open to all, with no prerequisites. 

In 2024, the dates are Monday June 17 through Friday June 21

To learn more, here is Sasha’s overview of the workshop. 

To see some of the content of my lectures for the workshop, click here

To register, click here.  

I hope to see you in June! 

– Roger

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