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Free Audio Download: The Story of Bob Moog



Bjooks has announced the release of its FREE Audio Bjooks with the ‘The Story of Bob Moog.’

The 36-minute audio download, narrated by synth expert Jason Jervis, includes a free six-page article written by synth composer Alex Maiolo and edited by Mike Metlay of Bjooks’ PATCH & TWEAK with Moog.

A must-listen for all synth enthusiasts and Moog fans, ‘The Story of Bob Moog’ shares the interesting story of how the premier synth designer rose to prominence and details how Moog changed music history forever.

“As a publisher of books that cover the auditory experience, we at Bjooks are excited to offer this first foray into audiobooks with ‘The Story of Bob Moog,’” said Kim Bjørn, author and founder of Bjooks. “Offering this first installation for free is just our way to give a little holiday gift to our fans and readers.”

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For more information on Audio Bjooks, PATCH & TWEAK with Moog, or any of the books in the Bjooks portfolio, please visit:

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