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Top 10 Apple Logic Pro X Workflow Tips



[9] Use Audio Plug-In Presets as a Jumping Off Point

If you ask a recording engineer about which presets he uses for EQ, compressors, etc., you will probably get a response like, “I don’t use them; every mix is different.”

Baloney! Of course they do. The presets are in their heads, but everyone has places they begin.

Let’s say you have an acoustic guitar recording that isn’t quite cutting through in the mix, and maybe the levels are not as consistent as you’d like. If you add an EQ and choose a preset named something like Acoustic Guitar – Presence and a compressor preset named Acoustic Guitar, it may not give you exactly the sound you want to make it fit into your mix, so you may adjust them. It almost certainly will put you in the ballpark much more quickly than if you start from scratch, though, unless you have a lot of experience using plug-ins in a mix.

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