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Top 10 Apple Logic Pro X Workflow Tips



[7] Create VCA Channel Groups

VCA stands for voltage-controlled amplifier, which is a feature of hardware recording consoles that control level by voltage. Although there are no voltage changes with a VCA, Logic’s VCAs have similar virtues.

Let’s say you’ve set the levels for all the different sections of your virtual orchestra or band, and lots of them are bussing to effects on auxes. Now, you want to mix the sections without having to worry about how it affects all that routing; you just want a transparent way to adjust or automate the section’s level. Here’s what you do:

  1. Select all the faders you want to control with a VCA. Under the Mixer’s Options menu, choose Create New VCA for Selected Channel Strips. In the example below, I’ve created four: vocals, rhythm, guitars, and drums.
  2. With the VCAs renamed and selected in the Mixer, assign them to the Read Automation Mode, and they’ll now appear in the Track List.
  3. Press H to open the Hide tracks option, and press the H on all the Track Headers except on the VCA tracks Then press H again, and then all you’ll see are the VCAs, ready to mix and/or automate.

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