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iZotope StutterEdit 2 Now Available for Download



Want to make your music stand out? This overhaul makes stutter-edit effects easier and more versatile than ever.

iZotope announces the immediate availability of Stutter Edit 2, created in collaboration with electronic musician, producer, music technologist, and Grammy Award winner BT. Like the original Stutter Edit, version 2 makes it a breeze to create stutter-editing effects. Slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes with a single keystroke. Fire off rhythmic gestures, sweeping filters, glitchy effects, or everything all at once. With ear-popping new effects, an innovative new workflow, and hundreds of presets designed by BT and other music professionals, Stutter Edit 2 offers expanded creative possibilities for your music.

The original Stutter Edit was the first audio plug-in that automated “micro-editing.” That’s the process of slicing and dicing audio into small chunks and arranging them in a different rhythm to unleash new sonic possibilities. Not only does Stutter Edit let you easily make complex edits, but it also offers a variety of effects with parameters that can change in time with the edit’s rhythm. This lets you add truly wild, unique, and professional sound-design touches to your music.

Stuttering: The Next Generation

iZotope has redesigned and reimagined Stutter Edit 2 for the demands of modern workflow. Easily transform sounds into rhythmic gestures, add subtle ear candy to a mix, and create synth-like pads and soundscapes. Combining iZotope’s user-friendly setup and workflow with BT’s patented brand of audio and rhythmic experimentation, Stutter Edit 2 brings you this new science lab of sound design toys. 

With Stutter Edit 2, adding movement to your mix has never been easier.  A new Reverb, Comb, and Chorus module joins 11 other effects that can move in time with your mix. Combine your stutter edits with aggressive distortion, auto-pan effects, pitch-bent reverb, and much more. The new Curve editor lets you click on any slider to edit its unique curve. Control the timing of your pans, stutters, gates, distortions, and more to create truly mind-bending effects.

With the new Auto mode, you don’t need to spend time setting up your DAW to make this happen. Just load Stutter Edit, engage Auto Mode, choose any gesture, and press Play in your session to start hearing effects immediately. Auto mode is great for quickly auditioning gestures to find the ones you like. Don’t worry about pressing or holding keys; just concentrate on designing and customizing your Gesture.

Why Wait?

Stutter Edit 2’s price is $199, but previous owners can upgrade for as little as $79. You can also purchase it as part of iZotope’s Creative Suite, which also includes VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, Trash 2 Expanded, and BreakTweaker Expanded. Creative Suite is currently on sale for $299 (normally $399, or $895 if you purchased its components separately). If you own any other iZotope plug-ins, though, it’s only $199. Want to try it out first? You can download a 10-day free trial of Stutter Edit 2 here.

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