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Get Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover for Free



Answer a few simple questions and get a symphonic sample player at no cost.

To help promote their BBC Symphony Orchestra, Spitfire Audio is making an offer that’s hard to pass up. The combination sample library and player comes in three editions. The Professional edition comprises 56 instruments played with 435 articulations and costs $999. The Core edition comprises 42 instruments with 305 articulations and costs $449. And the Discover edition comprises 33 instruments with 47 articulations and costs $49. Professional and Core have as many as three dynamic layers and multiple microphone positions. Discover, on the other hand, has only one layer and one mic position—still, not a bad deal for $49.

However…for a limited time, you can get BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover absolutely free. That’s 175MB of strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion in Spitfire’s dedicated plug-in. It supports AAX, AU, VST2, and VST3 and is NKS-compatible. Most samples are sustained notes with a few staccato samples thrown in to make it versatile.

What’s the Catch?

All you have to do is register on Spitfire Audio’s website and then answer their online survey about your musical experience and preferences. Answering their questions should take less than ten minutes, and all the questions are easy.

If you’re thinking, “There must be a catch,” well, you’re right, there is. You can’t download it instantly for free. Two weeks after you submit your answers, you’ll receive an email containing a personalized link to download BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover. Can’t wait two weeks? If instant gratification is more your speed, then maybe you should just buy it.

Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is nice bargain at $49 and an absolute steal when you download it for free.

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