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Top 10 Apple Logic Pro X Workflow Tips



[10] Turn Off this F@#%&*$ Project Setting

Logic Pro X 10.5 introduced a new project setting that is on by default.

I will probably get some blowback for this one. This new project setting has been widely praised by people running very demanding orchestral libraries. That’s because it allows you to have a massive template load and turn on the tracks by selecting them only as you need them.

If you have a reasonably powerful Mac and you’re not running a huge template, however, it actually takes time away from you. If you’ve used Logic for a long time before that setting existed, you may simply forget that it’s on. Of course, you can uncheck it and save it in your templates. If you don’t always work from a template, though, you may wish you had the option to choose whether it is checked or unchecked by default.

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