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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



Derek Sherinian

Derek started off playing in hard rock bands such as Alice Cooper and Kiss. He became a synth-fan favorite with his time in progressive metal band Dream Theater. There he developed his powerful lead synth playing style, which has continued through projects and bands such as Planet X and Black Country Communion, as well as seven solo recordings. Over the years he’s played with most of the big names in shredding lead guitar. He has developed a fierce lead synth sound that involves the use of tube amp heads, plenty of guitar pedal effects, and guitar speaker cabinets. (Check out his YouTube channel for tours of his rig and studio.) That makes him an important part of the lineage I’ve shown from Jan Hammer, Tom Coster, and Jens Johanssen in taking the guitaristic approach to timbre.

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