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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



David Sancious – Forest of Feelings

David Sancious

David Sancious is a prodigious keyboardist who is a masterful lead synth player and guitarist. His talents first came to my attention when he released a legendary fusion record called Forest Of Feelings in 1975, followed by Transformation: The Speed Of Love in 1976. David always liked to work with controllers while playing, preferring multiple assignable wheels and boards with aftertouch. He started exploring using a breath controller the moment Yamaha first showed one being used with their VL7 physical-modeling synth at an AES Show in 1995 (he was walking the show with Jan Hammer, of all people). He continues to use a breath controller to craft highly expressive synth solos today, whether touring with Sting, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, or other luminaries.

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