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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



Night After Night

Eddie Jobson

A dual-threat musician on both keyboards and violin, Eddie came to the public’s attention playing with Curved Air and then Roxy Music. He even played with Frank Zappa for a couple years (1977–78). That teaming produced one of my favorites of his Minimoog solos on the tune eventually called “Läther” (which was more socially acceptable than its original title) from Zappa in New York. Leaving to join the band U.K. with Bill Bruford, he recorded three of the most beloved albums in prog-rock history, U.K.Danger Money and Night After Night. Eddie played a Yamaha CS-80 polyphonic analog along with a Minimoog, later adding a Prophet-5, and took some excellent solos. Deep fans will remember his first solo album Zinc (The Green Album) recorded in 1983, again featuring some outstanding synth playing. Check out his incredible musicianship on his career-retrospective live recording Four Decades.

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