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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



Jordan Rudess

There is probably no more virtuosic keyboard player making progressive music today than Jordan Rudess. A child prodigy who studied at Julliard, Jordan has been omnipresent on the music and keyboard technology scene for decades now. Time spent playing with the Dregs, recording various solo releases, and projects like the Rudess/Morgenstein Project and Liquid Tension Experiment (with members of Dream Theater) led to his joining Dream Theater in 1999, where he remains to this day. He has played with many side projects, endorses and consults for music technology companies, and even has his own music software development company. (I’ve heard a rumor that he sleeps, but that hasn’t been proven.) Jordan’s synth soloing work is excellent, with lots of expressive technique: pitch bends with deep downward dives and more limited upward range, vibrato played using pitch bend rather than an LFO, and joystick and ribbon gestures. Jordan utilizes all the tricks in the book. You can find plenty of YouTube clips of him demonstrating synths and his apps to get a close-up look at his playing skills.

Okay, I realize I’ve already named the Top 10, but I have one extra deserving more recognition.

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