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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



Weather Report: Black Market , Wayne Shorter / Joe Zawinul / Jaco Pastorius / Narada Walden

Joe Zawinul

As the co-leader of Weather Report, Joe explored the more electronic nature of freer jazz playing. Early on in the band he was quoted as saying, “We never solo; we always solo.” He helped to define the jazz-rock movement with his work with Miles Davis and then Weather Report. Joe certainly was a master arranger using synths to expand his sonic palette, but he also took many synth solos across the band’s recorded legacy. Joe was not very fond of pitch bending, but he added lots of highly unique timbral changes to his tones as he played. In his later band The Zawinul Syndicate, his synth of choice for soloing was often the Korg Prophecy, which he custom programmed to create a number of signature lead timbres.

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