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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soloists



Tom Coster – Ivory Expedition

Tom Coster

Tom came to the public’s attention during his tenure with Santana. He was partly responsible for Carlos’s expansion from his rock/Latin hybrid music into more exploratory styles. Tom followed in Jan Hammer’s footsteps in developing his lead synth playing, exploring guitar amps and pedal effects along with his Moog Liberation keytar (how I hate that term!). You can find examples of this on his wonderful but long-out-of-print solo albums like T.C. and Ivory Expedition. As time passed, he started using other gear, continuing to play and record burning fusion music and some slightly more commercial crossover efforts. Touring with Billy Cobham and others and joining drummer Steve Smith’s Vital Information band in 1986, he continued playing his impassioned lead synth until retiring in 2015. 

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