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Novation Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack



Hundreds of new sounds for Novation’s Circuit Rhythm in the new Sample Expansion Pack

Circuit Rhythm’s sampling experience is taking a step up – Novation are introducing over 550 new, royalty-free samples for Circuit Rhythm owners to add to their creative toolbox, all in the new Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack.

With the Sample Expansion Pack, beatmakers can get inspired and take their sound even further. Ranging from vinyl samples and soulful chords to slick beats and organ-ic instrumentation, the Sample Expansion Pack boasts a wide array of styles and gen-res, available to download now. Free updates and samples will continue to roll out for Circuit Rhythm to support the Novation sampling community and keep them inspired to create with the hardware.

The Sample Expansion Pack includes 6 distinct soundpacks, each with unique char-acteristics and various instruments for customers to chop and change as they please. Details on the new soundpacks are as follows:

• ‘Coastline Bliss’ — Drift away to a golden coastal sunset with these grainy vinyl samples and tight beats.
• ‘Trap Hop’ — Filled with dark hip-hop influences with warped sound-design and tight Trap beats.
• ‘East Coast Soul’ — Painting a sunset-drenched horizon, East Coast Soul offers an effortless set of electric pianos, vibrant chord progressions and shimmering digital leads.
• ‘Wonky Hip Hop’ — A chilled collection of intimate guitars, tight hip-hop beats and smooth bass lines.
• ‘Neo Soul’ — Brings a rich set of organic instrumentation, laid-back beats, and stunning top lines.
• ‘Daybreak Trap’ — This bass-heavy pack blends chill guitar melodies with deep sub basses and sharp Trap beats offering a serene yet driving soundpack.

Circuit Rhythm owners can head over to Novation Components to download and im-port their new soundpacks, and start slicing, sculpting and resampling their samples effortlessly. Components – the online companion for Novation products – makes it easy for music makers to keep their custom sample libraries organised with cloud back up and make the most of the sample packs available to use in their productions.

With eight flexible sample tracks on Circuit Rhythm, beatmakers can immediately play back samples however they choose, whether they’re chopping straight from vinyl, making basslines and melodies, or punching in drum grooves live. For more creative options, Rhythm owners can plug in their phone, turntable, or synths into the groove-box and record sounds directly to the machine.

We hope the Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack will help new musicians get started with sampling, and encourage beatmakers to follow their inspiration, combine their ideas with these stand-out soundpacks and create countless unique tracks.

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