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Reverbfoundry Tai Chi Reverb Introduction



It offers a thick chorus and integrated audio processing in lieu of self-defense, meditation, and health benefits

Tai Chi is Reverb Foundry’s new flagship reverb. It features a collection of integrated sound design processors – dynamics, multiband filters, and “fidelity tools.”

The Feedback Delay Network engine at its center creates thick, lush choruses.

You can have the compressor and ducker control the reverb tail, leaving the early reflections intact. It has up to four bands of multiband reverb decay time.

Bit-crushing and density controls can create a “dirty” vintage reverb sound. It’s also possible to use creative signal degradation on separate parts of the signal – the reflections, tail, etc.

Finally, there are master EQ and shelving filters.

Price: $199 (intro pricing available)

Light version (without surround processing, dynamics, multiband, and some of the “fidelity tools”) $99

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