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New X-DynEQ: SSL’s Most Advanced EQ Plug-in



X-DynEQ is Solid State Logic’s most advanced EQ plug-in and their first ever with dynamic processing capabilities.


​Drawing upon SSL’s extensive legacy in EQ innovation, developed over decades of designing analog and digital mixing consoles, X-DynEQ is the most advanced EQ plug-in ever developed by Solid State Logic and represents the ultimate EQ tool available in a DAW. A dynamic EQ can boost or cut frequencies based on changes in the audio signal’s amplitude. They allow users to precisely sculpt instruments, vocals, and entire mixes without significantly altering their natural character or introducing unnecessary artifacts. 

X-DynEQ ensures a transparent and musical result, maintaining clarity, dynamics/transients, and balance in the mix while effectively addressing specific frequency issues. When nodes are switched to dynamic mode ‘Attack’, ‘Release’, and ‘Threshold’ parameters become active. When not in dynamic mode, X-DynEQ is a fully featured parametric EQ offering users precision, control, and stunning sound quality.

For more information on X-DynEQ, access a demo, or purchase perpetually, visit: X-DynEQ

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