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MOK Makes Advanced Synthesis Easy and Fun with Miniraze



MOK Makes Advanced Synthesis Easy and Fun with Miniraze

MOK has introduced the new Miniraze virtual wave-slicing synthesizer.

Powered by MOK’s patented wave-slicing engine, Miniraze allows users to splice waveforms into utterly unique sounds—from warm, retro analog vibes to aggressive, futuristic sounds that have literally never been heard before. Miniraze features a straightforward layout, inspired by legendary East Coast analog synths, that makes it easy and fun to program complex sounds. To commemorate the release, MOK is also offering a curated sound bank of Miniraze patches created by top artists and sound designers to raise funding for the Bob Moog Foundation.

“Miniraze pays homage to Bob Moog by presenting MOK’s latest synth technology in a Minimoog-style top panel,” said Taiho Yamada, co-founder and VP of Product at MOK. “It’s cutting-edge DSP meets classic synth design for fast and fun sonic discovery. The goal is to make our advanced wave-slicing engine super accessible by delivering it in a simple and familiar user interface.”

At the heart of Miniraze are three of MOK’s patented wave-slicing oscillators, streamlined versions of those found in the first-of-its-kind Waverazor synthesizer. By combining two waveforms from a selection of more than 100 classic and modern types, the wave-slicing oscillators generate sounds that can’t be heard anywhere else. For even more sonic possibilities, Miniraze includes multiple low-frequency oscillators, assignable ADSR envelopes and an extremely flexible modulation matrix. A built-in arpeggiator and nine onboard effects make Miniraze an all-inclusive tool for designing truly one-of-a-kind patches.

Aside from its unique synthesis engine, flexible modulation and versatile effects, Miniraze’s biggest strength is its ease of use. Inspired by the original Minimoog synthesizer, the user interface is clearly divided into discrete segments, including an oscillator bank, mixer and modulation section. This layout allows the user to quickly design unique sounds from scratch without having to hunt through menus. Additionally, users can translate the UI into 34 languages and choose from 18 color themes to make Miniraze their own.

To recognize Bob Moog’s pioneering work in the field of synthesis, MOK is collaborating with the Bob Moog Foundation to release an exclusive Miniraze BMF sound bank featuring patches created by an all-star team of artists and sound designers, including a signature sound from Mark Mothersbaugh, composer and co-founder of DEVO. All proceeds will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation to support programs like Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives and the Moogseum in Asheville, NC. “As we do our part to move the art and science of synthesis forward, we recognize that we are standing on the shoulders of giants,” continued Yamada. “It’s hard to imagine within today’s musical landscape, but before Moog synths existed, few people on Earth had ever heard an electronically synthesized sound. There was a sense of exploration and discovery back then that we hope to bring back with Miniraze and the Bob Moog Foundation 15th Anniversary Sound Bank.”

Miniraze full features:

● Patented wave-slicing oscillators combine waveforms for out-of-this-world sounds

● Straightforward East Coast-style layout makes it easy to program complex patches

● Two filters in series, each with 11 options including subtractive and generative types

● 4 synchronizable LFOs modulate anything from vibrato to dubstep wobbles

● 4 ADSR envelopes, including a dedicated amp envelope with velocity modulation

● Vast Modulation Matrix for under the hood modular-style patching

● 9 onboard effects, including Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, distortion and more

● Built-in arpeggiator produces intricate patterns and random notes from chords

● Unison Mode for thick and fat voice stacking

● Analog button adds subtle organic randomness to the system

● 11 colors of noise available to add a variety of textures to your sound

● External Audio input lets you process instruments, voices and other sounds

● Ring Math processor provides 21 different types of ring modulation

● Compatible with AAX/AU/VST on Mac, PC and Linux

● Support for 34 languages, including Sanskrit, Elvish and Klingon

● Exclusive Bob Moog Foundation sound bank available (proceeds donated to BMF)

Availability and pricing Miniraze will be available on November 9th, 2021 for $129 in the MOK store, and the Bob Moog Foundation 15th Anniversary Miniraze Sound Bank will be available for $49.

For more information, please visit the Miniraze Product Page

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