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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Synth Soundtracks



Synth and Software asked their contributors to come up with a list of their favorite soundtracks that use synths prominently, and here’s what they came up with.

These are the ones that got the most mention, but there are certainly many others that are more than worthy  – including many by the same musicians.

Will we feature a follow-up story on them in the near future? Be sure to click back often and find out! 🙂

#10 – Hans Zimmer: The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises soundtracks

Zimmer used a custom version of u-He’s Zebra synth (now commercially available as the Dark Zebra) and patches co-created by Howard Scarr.

And of course you couldn’t have a top list of anything to do with scores that doesn’t include Hans – although there are quite a few other great composers who’ve used synths who are not on this list. That sure makes one wonder whether we’re going to do a follow-up.

#9 – John Williams: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

You also have to include a John Williams score, especially when he used an Arp 2500.

Dare one dare use the G word (groundbreaking)? This score is mostly orchestral, but the synth usage is also pretty great. So is the orchestral writing, of course; after all, it’s John Williams.

#8 – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross: The Social Network

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won the Best Score Oscar for this unique creation in 2011. No wonder so many of our contributors put it on their lists.

#7 – Vangelis: Chariots of Fire

Vangelis has been prolific, but the Chariots of Fire theme is his greatest hit. There’s simply no way to justify keeping it off the Top 10 – although Blade Runner could just as easily have been here.

#6 – Harold Faltermeyer: Beverly Hills Cop

This is the ‘80s. What can you say.

#5 – Daft Punk: Tron Legacy

It’s neither daft nor punk, but it’s a great score. 

#4 – Wendy Carlos: Clockwork Orange

Wendy Carlos is an early pioneer (and we don’t care that that’s redundant). Clockwork Orange is a powerful film and her score worked beautifully.

It’s not all Beethoven renditions on Moog synths, by the way – a lot of is Rossini.

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