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Alan R. Pearlman Foundation event to celebrate Fifty Years of ARP



“Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020”, a virtual event to be held on September 26th at 12pm EST on Zoom via Eventbrite.

Registration and other information The event will be free for all participants with a suggested donation.

The event will focus on the ARP 2500, the groundbreaking synthesizer made famous in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It will feature panel discussions and interviews with original ARP engineers, software developers, artists, composers, producers, educators, and others. Participants will be able to interact live with panelists via Zoom.

“We are beyond thrilled for this deep dive into the iconic ARP 2500,” said Dina Pearlman, ARP Foundation founder and daughter of Alan R. Pearlman. “We’ve assembled an amazing collection of engineers who made the original 2500s, artists who have used them, and ARP historians and organizations that work to preserve them.” 

The Foundation continues its work with contributors, collaborators, vendors, manufacturers, venues, and owners of rare original ARP synthesizers. Among their goals is the creation of installations where students can utilize ARP synthesizers as part of their music curriculum, and to explore the endless possibilities of electronic music.

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