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New Wear & Tear Eurorack Module Recreates Cassette Imperfections



Ampersand Ampersand introduces Eurorack module, recreating characterful cassette imperfections inspired by the classic charm of tape machines.


As alluded to by the STEREO CASSETTE TAPE EMULATOR ‘subtitle’ subtly gracing its no-nonsense, 14HP-wide front panel, Wear & Tear takes its inspiration from the classic charm of cassette recorders. Readily enabling users to effectively dive into the heart of sonic nostalgia with their own personal time machine to the golden age of lo-fi soundscapes, this Eurorack effect module is key to unlocking a veritable treasure trove of degraded magic. Modern musicians craving that elusive lo-fi sound should surely find that Wear & Tear offers a versatile range of effects from subtle saturation to total sonic transformation. Experiencing everything from the gentle flutter of tape warble to the gritty charm of sounds seemingly rescued from a forgotten attic tape collection can come quickly, for Wear & Tear puts the quintessential lo-fi aesthetic right at anyone’s fingertips by blending the raw beauty of vintage imperfections with the precision of modern control.

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