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New Rhythm/Gate Sequencer From New Synthetic Sound Labs



SSL’s new 2655 Geo-Gruvn is a six-channel, 16-step Euclidean rhythm/gate sequencer for Eurorack modular synths in only 6 HP.  


A single rotary encoder allows an uncomplicated selection of channels and functions with simple visual feedback provided by a bright blue OLED display. In addition to its extensive Clock / Sequencing related duties, Geo-Gruvn can respond to Clock inputs well into the audio range, making it a convenient 6-channel frequency divider.

Each of the six output channels allow adjustment of: 

Hits – The number of outputs generated, with Euclidean spacing.
Offset – Changes the starting point for the Euclidean sequence.
Length – The number of steps for this channel before resetting.
Mute – Turns on/off all outputs of the selected channel.

A Pattern Memory screen allows non-volatile storage for up to 8 pattern sequences.

The Geo-Gruvn features a bright OLED display, clock and reset inputs, 6 gate/trigger outputs, a rotary encoder for selecting functions, and an eight-pattern non-volatile memory.  All inputs and outputs are standard 3.5mm phone jacks with an associated LED panel indicator.

Power is supplied by a standard 10-pin Eurorack power header.

Pricing is $179.95 US and is available off-the-shelf from SSL and Distributors Worldwide.

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