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Boredbrain Music Expands Xcelon Mixer Capabilities



Boredbrain Music expands Xcelon mixer’s creative capabilities with DB25, TRS, and IO additions to Direct Multi-Channel Series of Eurorack modules

As a 24-channel D-SUB direct output module occupying only 8HP of Eurorack space, DB25 can interface with its new-found IO sibling — to provide 24 balanced audio outputs — and/or the modular mixing powerhouse that is Xcelon ( — already available as a 48HP-wide, critically acclaimed, all-analog, six-channel stereo audio mixer module made for Eurorack modular systems, its interface designed for immediate hands-on control and visual feedback while also allowing for extensive CV (Control Voltage) connectivity and expandability, enabling operation as a powerful mixing tool for both performance and production purposes — to provide 12 stereo direct outputs.

On the front of DB25 are three 25-pin D-SUB connectors, each output offering eight channels of balanced line-level audio. As such, the — 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24 — channel numbers next to each of those D-SUB connectors correspond to the four — INPUT 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, and 19-24 — ports at the rear, each of which accept signals from compatible Boredbrain Music modules using the supplied 8-pin ribbon cables. Connected to IO, those ports accept groups of six individual input signals. Similarly, when connected to Xcelon or Xcelon XP3 — the latter already available as a 22HP-wide, three-channel stereo expander module for its bigger brother — those ports accept three stereo mixer channels for direct output, and can be mixed and matched in any order, while both pre- and post-fader direct outputs for a bank of Xcelon channels can be used simultaneously.

DB25, TRS, and IO are all available to order directly from Boredbrain Music for $369.00 USD, $259.00 USD, and $99.00 USD, respectively, as well as through the company’s global network of dealers, together with all other Boredbrain Music products.

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