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UPDATE: Mac Users: Sonoma 14.4.1 Reportedly Fixes Problems for Musicians



Apparently it NO LONGER breaks iLok-protected software

UPDATED March 25, 2024: On March 11 we reported about some serious issues plaguing iLok-protected software. There’s a new release that is supposed to fix these issues (and others). We still suggest that you wait and see what the Internet says before updating from pre-14.4 versions of macOS, but this looks like good news. – NB

Well, wouldn’t you know it. No sooner do we post a shrieking rant about how macOS updates keep breaking things then this cluster mess happens.

According to an online post, either from or quoting B.J. Buchalter of Metric Halo, you should be okay if you install the current iLok License Manager. On the other hand, UAD says this on their site.

The official Synth and Software statement: “UGH!”

We’re posting this on March 11, 2024 and will update it when we hear more news.

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