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The Haken Continuum And The Dune Part Two Connection



ContinuuCon 2024, the sixth international Haken Continuum conference, is scheduled for April 26–28 in the Pittsburgh suburb of Carnegie – Early-bird pricing info below.


Above photo: Christophe Duquesne, Edmund Eagan, and Guillaume Bonneau visit Dune composer Hans Zimmer in his studio.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated presentation is a panel exploring the role of the EaganMatrix in the soundtrack for the hit film, Dune: Part Two. Celebrated film composer Hans Zimmer hired ContinuuCon organizers and EaganMatrix developers Edmund Eagan and Christophe Duquesne to design and perform sounds for the soundtrack, along with Expressive E’s Guillaume Bonneau, who gave a presentation at last year’s ContinuuCon in Portugal. Ed and Christophe will play audio examples from the film and reveal programming techniques that helped make the Dune: Part Two soundtrack one of Zimmer’s most praiseworthy.

The EaganMatrix’s namesake, Edmund Eagan, will also provide instruction on EaganMatrix programming, as he does during every ContinuuCon. Continuum inventor Lippold Haken will discuss the Continuum’s most recent updates and unveil plans for the future. Christophe Duquesne will demonstrate his latest experiments in additive resynthesis. Electronic musician and ContinuuCon organizer Russ Hoffman will discuss Chick Corea’s treatise on best practices for playing music in an ensemble, while renowned musician Rob Schwimmer will focus on the Continuum performance technique.

Canadian composer Tony K.T. Leung will demonstrate an expressive controller of his own design that allows a string player to control eight dimensions of the EaganMatrix using familiar performance gestures. Engineer Mark Smart will explain how to control a 3-dimensional laser show using the Haken Continuum and Native Instruments’ Reaktor software. Paul Dempsey will present the HC-One plug-in, which allows VCV Modular software to interface with EaganMatrix hardware devices. David Gerard Matthews will discuss and demonstrate the Ondes Martenot, a precursor to the Continuum.

ContinuuCon 2024, the sixth international Haken Continuum conference, is scheduled for April 26–28 in the Pittsburgh suburb of Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Ticket sales for the annual electronic music event are ongoing, with early-bird pricing ending on Monday, March 25. Conference tickets are $280 until that date and $320 thereafter. Continuum and Osmose players and aspiring players can look forward to a reception on the opening night and two full days of presentations, workshops, and demonstrations by some of the world’s foremost authorities on the Haken Continuum and EaganMatrix.

For tickets, information, and videos of past conferences, please visit the website.

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