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Solid State Logic Launches G3 MultiBusComp Plug-In



G3 MultiBusComp Plug-in enhances the renowned G-Series Bus Compressor with multiband processing and an advanced feature set.

The SSL G3 MultiBusComp Plug-in takes the original G-Series Bus Compressor and enhances it with multiband technology, advanced processing, and powerful sidechain routing. It is a must-have production tool for producers and engineers looking to achieve the SSL sound in their mixes, delivering the classic SSL “glue” compression across three independently configurable frequency bands. Whether it’s adding that final polish to a production, carving space in a mix with its powerful sidechain routing, or dialing in precise settings to rectify problematic recordings, G3 MultiBusComp is suitable for any genre and brings a new level of versatility to bus processing.

G3 MultiBusComp key features: 

  • Multiband processing with classic SSL “glue” compression: With 3 bands of classic SSL “glue” compression, G3 MultiBusComp delivers the same unparalleled sonic characteristics that SSL is known for, now across three customizable frequency bands.
  • Parameter link: Quickly and easily apply inverse changes between the input/output gain or the threshold and makeup gains in each frequency band.
  • ‘4K’ drive per band: Inspired by the iconic SL 4000 Series console, add warmth and character to your mix while retaining full dynamic control over your signal.
  • Powerful sidechaining and filtering options: Easily customize sidechain filters to accentuate or diminish response to certain frequencies. Unlink the sidechain filters from the band crossover and external sidechaining to drive the dynamics from a different frequency band, or a completely different signal entirely.
  • Band graph view: Provides an intuitive way to set your threshold and frequency crossovers, allowing you to achieve more control over your mix. 
  • Auditioning: Use mutually exclusive soloing on each band and each band’s sidechain input to make informed decisions about your mix. 
  • Resizable GUI: G3 MultiBusComp features a high-resolution GUI that can be adjusted from 50% to 200% for easy sizing and positioning. 

G3 MultiBusComp Plug-in is available now on the SSL eStore to buy for $199.99 / £159.99 / €199.99, or via SSL’s Rent-to-Own plan. For more information, to access a 14-day free trial of G3 MultiBusComp, or an extended 30-day trial of SSL Complete, please visit: 

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