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Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors Replicate Moog’s from the ’70s and ’80s



Seven classic FX plug-ins based on the original Moog rack units

Cherry Audio’s latest effects plug-ins are here – the Rackmode Signal Processors. It’s a bundle of seven virtual effects and an instrument plugin that replicate the classic rack-mounted Moog Signal Processors of the 1970s and ‘80s. This is the first time the line renowned analog treasures has been offered as virtual effects.

Quoth the press release: “Rackmode is a collaboration with synth designer and DSP legend Mark Barton (MRB), who modeled the circuit-precise emulations based on the original rack-mounted hardware. If tracked down and purchased today, the original hardware would cost well over $20,000. Cherry Audio is introducing the entire Rackmode Signal Processors bundle at an unheard-of price of $99, less than $13 per plug-in!”

The seven, cut and paste from the release:

• Rackmode Vocoder – Rackmode includes two versions for this 16 channel classic: an instrument plugin with a built-in polyphonic dual oscillator, and an effects plugin to modify other input formats and DAW tracks for unlimited processing flexibility.

• Rackmode Phaser – Based upon the definitive 12 stage original known for its lush, sweeping textures.

• Rackmode Ring Modulator – Based on Moog’s Harald Bode Ring Modulator with Squelch control.

• Rackmode String Filter – This effect utilizes filter arrays that mimic acoustic string instruments, drawing from the extremely rare system created by Moog’s Custom Engineering Group.

• Rackmode Frequency Shifter – Mixes two external inputs or sidechains a single input with its own built-in oscillator. The Frequency Shifter creates colorful, often metallic effects by modifying the ratio of incoming frequency components.

• Rackmode Graphic EQ – Ten selectable frequency bands with Drive and Gain controls, capable of creating exotic effects when used with other instruments and effects.

• Rackmode Parametric EQ – Three bands for sculpting Low, Mid, and High-frequency ranges.

Price: $99

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