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Spitfire Audio Originals: Abe Laboriel Jr. Drums Library



Abe Jr.’s drums at your disposal

Spitfire’s Originals is a bite-sized sample library series, this time tapping (sorry) wonderful drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. It was recorded at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angles, and includes single hits sampled at up to eight layers with round robins; ten loops; and not nine but ten controls.

Those ten controls are expression; dynamics; kick, snare, and hi-hat volume; snare type (four different ones).

By the way, if you’re seeing the video link at the top of this story, that’s not Abe Jr. but Andre Lewis, who you can see playing the heck out of finger drums on the keyboard. This is Abe Jr.:

And it’s 29 (dollars, euros, pounds). Check out some of the video. These are very good-sounding drums.
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