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Spitfire Audio Heirloom – Emotional Ensemble Sample Library



Not heirloom tomatoes, but a Keaton Henson signature sample library of strings, winds, piano, and guitar

In their release, Spitfire describes their latest signature sample library as (to be read in one breath):

“… a compositional toolkit of unique, modern scoring sounds conceived with humanity in its DNA, and the lingering human moments that bleed and seep their way into recorded musical performances to act as the sonic equivalent of the worn away seat of your father’s favourite chair, contemporarily served up in the sound-specialising British music technology company’s award-winning AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-compatible, NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD®)-ready plug-in that loads into all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) without the need for any additional software, perfectly poised for enhanced emotive scoring — as of March 3…”

May we suggest a visit to the product page?

Price:  $299 (intro pricing $229)

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