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KV331 Audio Updates SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster 2 Player Software Synthesizers



KV331 Audio Updates SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster 2 Player Software Synthesizers

KV331 Audio updates their SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster 2 Player software synthesizers with Native support for Apple Silicon and major usability improvement…

KV331 Audio has announced the version 2.9.10 update for their SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster 2 Player software synthesizers, bringing native support for Apple Silicon Macs, major usability improvements and critical bug fixes. 

The new features in this update are as follows:

  • Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs: SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster 2 Player now run natively on Apple Silicon Macs, provided that the DAW is running natively.
  • New Factory Presets: 150 new factory presets by NatLife, Yuli Yola and Selcuk Ergen are now added to SynthMaster’s factory library, increasing the presets count to 2000.
  • New Skins: All SynthMaster 2 iOS skins are now working inside SynthMaster 2. That adds 4 new skins to SynthMaster 2. SynthMaster Player’s skins are updated as well, they’re now in line with SynthMaster.
  • Keyboard and Velocity Zones: Each layer in SynthMaster 2 has now its own keyboard and velocity zones, letting the users to play different layers on different keyboard/velocity ranges.
  • Pitch Quantization using Scales: The pitches of Oscillators or Modulators can now be quantized using a user selected scale. This lets the pitch to stay in tune within that specific scale. 
  • Larger Popup Windows for Arps, Sequencers and Multisegmented Envelopes: Due to the small areas allocated for Arps, Sequencers or Multisegmented Envelopes, editing those modules were challenging at times. With the introduction of popup windows, users can now press the zoom button to bring up the larger edit window(s) which take up the entire plugin window.
  • Sequencer Edit Mode: With the introduction of the “Edit Mode”, it is easier to edit steps for a Sequencer:
    • Step: This mode is used to add rectangular steps (initial and final values are the same)
    • Up:  This mode is used add upward steps (initial value is always zero)
    • Down: This mode is used to add downward steps (final value is always zero)
    • Freehand: This mode allows the user to draw freehand shapes

Aside from the new features, there are critical bug fixes in this update:

  1. Voices termination algorithm is not working correctly for some presets
  2. SynthMaster crashes when arpeggiator generates notes lower than MIDI Note 0
  3. Switcing from basic/additive/vector types to wavetable types for oscillators might crash SynthMaster
  4. Switcing from wavetable type to basic/additive/vector types for oscillators might crash SynthMaster VST AU AAX iOS Software synthesizer
  5. SynthMaster crashes when playing a multisample that contains a region with an invalid wave file
    SynthMaster crashes when license key file downloaded from KV331 Audio server contains invalid values
  6. When a preset is saved under a sub folder under ‘Presets’ folder, the sub folder name should be interpreted as the bank name
  7. SynthMaster doesn’t display purchase status of products correctly
  8. SynthMaster can not get access token for Google Cloud services
  9. Arpeggiator continues recording notes after user switches from Record to Off state
  10. In Mono Legato mode, oscillators/modulators don’t reset phase/position correctly
  11. ADSR Envelopes can generate out of bound outputs when envelope durations are very short
  12. Presets using compressor effect with “Layer 1 Dry/Layer 2 Dry” sidechain might sound at different volume levels
  13. When loading older presets, Sequencers with retrigger enabled are loaded as Global instead of Mono
  14. FM doesn’t work for Osc2 when Sync is turned on
  15. Notes terminate before the envelope(s) complete release stage
  16. SynthMaster doesn’t filter incoming MIDI messages by channel number
  17. Filter keytracking doesn’t correctly glide in mono legato mode
  18. Older presets with glide LFOs don’t load correctly
  19. When Arp view is in record mode, it instantly changes the arp mode to “Sequence”
  20. SynthMaster crashes when a modulation amount is changed for a mod matrix entry which doesn’t have any visible targets on the user interface
  21. Layer voice stealing should be set to “Steal Released Notes” for older presets
  22. Layer clipping should be turned off for older presets
  23. When Layer 2 is bypassed when a note was playing, and it was turned on again, hanging notes occur

Registered SynthMaster users can download this latest update by checking for updates inside SynthMaster 2.

A demo version is available on KV331 Audio’s website as well.

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