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GForce’s M-Tron Pro Gets An Infusion: The Alex Ball Expansion Pack



It’s the launch of their new signature series for the software Mellotron

The M-Tron Pro is a recreation of the famous 1960s predecessor to the modern-day sampler. But instead of just triggering a sample, it played a tape when you played a key.

Have you ever looked at how Mellotrons worked? Check out the Wikipedia Page – it’s both ingenious and totally Rube Goldberg!

From Wikipedia

Anyway, Alex Ball is a prominent TV and advertising composer as well as a YouTuber. From the company release:

“The project started with Alex selecting and recording a series of instruments, plus two rhythm and accompaniment banks, spanning the 35-note key range of the original M400 & MkII Mellotron®. Once recorded, the results of those sessions were taken to Streetly Electronics and ‘Tronized’ via their Skeletron – a bare-bones Mellotron M400. Alex created 27 tape banks and the pack comes with over 150 presets.

• Over 150 M-Tron Pro Patches 
• 27 carefully curated tape banks for M-Tron Pro 
• Instruments include: Double Bass, Electronic Bass, Balalaika, Banjo, Baritone Acoustic, Nylon Guitar, Tremolo Guitar, Ukulele, Baritone Electric, Twang Guitar, Piano, Clavinet, System 100M, Violins Pizz, Violas Pizz, Violins Bow, Voice Spectra.”

Promo video here

Intro price: $35 (goes up November 30, 2021)

Company page here

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