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Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello Features Moving Long Sounds and Shorts



Crossfade between two solo cello patches with articulations chosen for their movement

What happens when you sample Alan Black, principal cellist of the Charlotte Symphony, playing a Moes and Mos cello that was originally owned by Yo-Yo Ma?

In this case, an interesting sample library that can sound like a cello if you use the short articulations (pizz, spicatto, or staccato) – or it can sometimes sound like moving textures that sound cello-ish when you use the long, sustained articulations.

Poiesis Cello’s selection of 43 long, sustained articulations were selected because they’re not static. On top of that you load two programs and crossfade between them, with a choice of crossfade curves.

The library also includes a selection of velocity-controlled, 3-layer, fix round-robin short articulations. (Round robins alternate between samples of the same note to avoid the dreaded repetitive “machine gun” effect.) Also, the pizz articulation has a snap pizz if you play it very hard.

Everything was recorded fairly close-up, but you can mix and match three mic positions.

Poiesis Cello works in the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player (or you can use the full version of Kontakt if you own it).

Price: £65.83/$90

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