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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Soundtracks That Should Have Made Our Previous Synthy Soundtracks List…



Well, you demanded it by being so mad at us for leaving out your favorite soundtracks!

We polled our contributors for their favorite soundtracks that featured synths last month, and they came up with some great entries. Of course that slighted dozens of scores that by all rights belong on the list, for the simple reason that there are more than ten!

So in the interest of world peace, we’re taking a different tack with this follow-up: focusing on the synth-featuring soundtracks that are the most influential. And if we believe that’s going to be less controversial, boy do we have another thing coming!

This is what you’re thinking: why didn’t they just call it Synth and Software’s Top Ten Most Influential Synth-Featuring Soundtracks?

Because that wouldn’t be nearly as fun, which is what this is all about in the first place.

11. Flash Gordon, Queen

We’ll kick this feature off with a free bonus entry, carefully avoiding the obligatory “it’s one more, i’nit” Spinal Tap joke. Queen was one of the first pop megastars, not film composers, to score a film. That itself is a trend, and this is a heavy synth score.

10. Life Aquatic, Mark Mothersbaugh

You know “Whip It,” right? Please say yes? Mark Mothersbaugh is in Devo, of course, that wonderfully funny band.

He’s also known for his quirky scores for the quirky Wes Anderson movies. And it’s no surprise that his scores can be funny.

Mothersbaugh scored Rug Rats and other Nickelodeon shows, Wes Anderson’s Royal Tannenbaums, Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

But since we have to pick one, Life Aquatic is probably his most influential.

9. X-Files, Mark Snow

Mark Snow is a very well known TV composer, and the X-Files was a very popular TV show. He used the Synclavier as part of his synth-heavy sound. The theme with delays and a Theremin-like lead melody was a trademark, referenced widely and often parodied.

8. Suspiria, Goblin

Suspiria is a cult horror movie. Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band, led by Italian composer/performer Claudio Simonetti. This is a heavily synth-oriented score that had a wide impact.

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