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SPAT Revolution Essential – Affordable Version of FLUX:: Immersive’s Spatial Positioning Mix Engine



SPAT’s very high-end object-oriented mixing engine now comes in a version for the rest of us.

FLUX:: Immersive has a new, more affordable version of SPAT, called SPAT Revolution Essential. It’s an immersive audio mix engine that… we’ll let them describe it:

“[a] real-time Immersive audio mix engine… with object-based and perceptual approaches, making it possible to intuitively position audio-sources in spaces, real or virtual, and let the acoustic signature of the room build the desired depth, with full automation of the spatialization parameters independently from the output format.”

Now we’ll try: SPAT is a stand-alone mixing program that positions sounds within a space. It goes way beyond just using a pan control for left-right positioning and adding more reverb to move a sound back.

SPAT Revolution Essential supports ASIO and Core Audio audio interfaces, with low latency options, as well as networked audio. It includes standard audio plug-ins for communication with all major DAWs supporting AAX, AU, and VST. The program supports up to 96kHz sample rates and comes with templates for a wide range of third party tools and workstations, and supports OSC integration for external controllers.

Perpetual and subscription licensing starts at $199 (the full

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