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Earth Day: Western Digital Will Recycle Old Hard Drives, Plant Trees, and Give a 15% Discount



If you’re one of those people unlike any of us at Synth and Software who has hard drives sitting around – whether they’re broken, tiny, an old… here’s a great way to clear off some space.

None of this applies to anyone around here, even though we’ve been at this since the days when computers were 2-1/2-year investments for anyone trying to keep up with the latest music and audio software. But we’ve heard about people who hoard old hard drives (and other computer components) “because they may need them some day.” You know, old drives with a capacity smaller than a $3 flash drive, SCSI drives, broken ones, and so on.

And now those funny people are getting the last laugh, because Earth Day 2021 is the day they need them. (So is the rest of April.)

It’s Western Digital’s Easy Recycle Program. They’ll send you a paid shipping label, recycle your drives in environmentally safe ways, donate $5 to One Tree Planted who will plant five trees, and give you a 15% off coupon to use for anything over $50 in their online store.

Who knows whether the 15% coupon will save you anything over the street price for your next drives – plural, because we musicians are constantly filling up drives. But this seems like a Good Thing To Do.

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