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GeoShred Play Is Free Until April 22



Download Jordan Rudess’ remarkable performance instrument for iOS, free for a limited time.

Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for the progressive metal band Dream Theater, wants you to stay home and make music with GeoShred Play. It’s a free download for your iPad or iPhone until April 22, 2020. The app is a variation on the “pro” version of GeoShred, an award-winning iOS instrument from Wizdom Music and moForte.

With GeoShred Play, everyone can shred using its unique diatonic playing surface. That means you can play the blues and never hit a wrong note. Slide your finger in any direction, and let the magic happen using a scale that fits perfectly against a backing track. Seamlessly move between fretless and diatonic modalities using GeoShred Play’s isomorphic and diatonic playing surface and groundbreaking intelligent pitch rounding.

This offer won’t last long, so be sure to download GeoShred Play for free from Apple’s App Store by April 22.

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