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Feeding the Monster: Building a Large Modular System with Chris Meyer



Webinar beginning Wednesday, April 8: Learn to design and build your own modular system

Synths & Software writer Chris Meyer of Learning Modular is hosting a series of live webinars starting this Wednesday based around rebuilding his personal modular system. (Chris writes our “This Month’s Module” series.)

His studio system had been apart for nearly a year as he rebuilt its power system and had other custom work done to it. Rather than just install all 115 modules is isolation, Chris is taking this opportunity to discuss module layout and power in a large modular system, as well as his personal thought process behind the choice of each module—many of which have changed since the system was last in use.

Joining Chris will be Kim Bjørn, who he co-wrote the modular synthesis book Patch & Tweak with, plus modular expert and YouTube personality Ben “Divkid” Wilson. They will be asking Chris questions, and lending their own opinions and advice.

The first session is this Wednesday, April 8, starting 2:30 PM EDT/11:30 AM PDT on the Divkid Youtube channel. It will cover the subject of high-end power for modular synthesizers, plus his various note and pattern generator modules. There will be a live chat, and the video will be available for playback. Each session is expected to run roughly two hours.

The remaining three sessions will also be hosted on the Divkid channel although the exact URL is not known yet), all with the same start time. They will be:

Saturday April 11: VCOs and Sound Sources
Wednesday April 15: Filters and VCAs
Saturday April 18: Modulation Sources, Effects, and Final Mix

This is a great opportunity to hear three of the leading lights in the modular music world share their opinions, argue, joke, and answer user questions—and you’re invited.

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