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Yamaha’s Synth History Timeline and OS Updates



Yesterday, during an all-day streaming event celebrating 45 years of designing, building, and selling synthesizers, Yamaha unveiled an online interactive history called Yamaha Synth Story

From the earliest SY-1 and GX-1 to the latest Montage and MODX, the new Yamaha Synth Story website features a timeline that lets you explore Yamaha’s most popular synths from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and beyond. An animated video features a 3-minute flyover of Yamaha synths through the decades, accompanied by music those instruments made possible.

Yamaha also unveiled the Montage White, an all-white edition of their flagship Montage synthesizer.

Furthermore, Yamaha announced updated operating systems for three of their keyboard lines: Montage OS v3.0, MODX OS v2.0, and CP OS v1.2.

This makes the sixth free update for the Montage, adding a pattern sequencer, synth engine enhancements, a wave folder effect, a hybrid MIDI mode, and new Performance content. The OS updates for Montage synths and CP stage pianos should be available for download “very soon,” and the OS update for MODX synths should be available by the end of October.

For more details on the Montage and MODX updates.

For details on the CP88 and CP73 Stage Piano update.

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