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Today’s the Day to Download Reason 11



Today is release day for Reason 11, an extensive upgrade for one of the world’s most popular virtual studios.

With Reason 11, now you can use all of Reason’s onboard effects, synths, and other instruments in any DAW that supports VST or AU plug-ins, thanks to the new Reason Rack Plugin. That means you can play Thor, Malström, or Redrum in your favorite music software environment, or integrate any of Reason’s effects or sampled instruments into your recordings, no matter what DAW you prefer.

Reason 11 comes with six new effects and dynamics devices and lots of workflow enhancements, too. Build tracks one at a time using onscreen tools to draw multiple notes and automation curves, crossfade audio clips, independently mute MIDI notes, and more.

Choose from three different varieties of Reason 11 to suit your needs and budget. Reason 11 Intro ($99) comes with 31 devices, while Reason 11 ($399 or upgrade from previous versions for $129) comes with 55 devices. Or go all the way and get Reason 11 Suite ($599 or upgrade from previous versions for $249), which comes with 72 devices, including the new Scenic Hybrid Instrument. All three editions include the Reason Rack Plugin.

Also worth noting is that the makers of Reason are no longer called Propellerhead Software. From now on, they’re now called Reason Studios. For more details and to place your order, visit Reason Studios here.

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