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Spitfire Audio Introduces Their First Effects Plug-in, AIR Studios Reverb



AIR Studios has extended unprecedented access to Spitfire Audio, enabling them to sample their unique acoustics for the very first time.


The launch comes after two years of research and technological development. With AIR Reverb, artists can create exactly the sound they want by positioning anywhere in AIR Studios using Spitfire Audio’s “Virtual Positioning Technology.” Spitfire Audio has utilized Impulse Response technology which allows for the recording and reproducing of a room’s response to an audio signal positioned within the room thus meticulously crafting the user’s chosen ambience. With Spitfire having recorded over 67,000 Impulse Responses, AIR Studios Reverb offers a level of detail greater than any Impulse Response reverb currently available.

Configurable Hall settings – including Canopy Height, Canopy Material, and Gallery Damping – allow composers and music makers to tailor the acoustics of the space to their preferences and bring to life any virtual instrument.

Through creating a dynamic, flexible, and highly detailed convolution reverb that seamlessly captures the unique image of the space and aesthetics in The Hall, composers, and music makers are able to customize their sound with absolute precision using a vast collection of carefully curated, tweakable presets by AIR Studios’ award-winning engineers, to suit any style, genre or instrument. In addition, artists can access an extensive range of sound engineering opportunities with curated presets and mix a collection of world-class engineered signals using some of the industry’s most renowned equipment. Spitfire Audio’s first effects plug-in, AIR Reverb, is available in any modern DAW.


  • ●  Choose the position anywhere in The Hall, with proprietary Virtual Positioning Technology
  • ●  Ability to adjust the virtual source radiation
  • ●  Select and mix between eight different stereo mic signals
  • ●  Configurable hall settings, including Canopy Height, Canopy Material, and Gallery Damping
  • ●  Ability to flip the direction of virtual performers and mic setups to match two key uses of The Hall
  • ●  Fine-tuning options for adjusting source characteristics and mic signals
  • ●  Comprehensive signal control with input signal filtering, Direct, Early Reflections & Tail level adjustments, and graphical EQ
  • ●  Extensive preset library catering to various instruments, moods, and setups
  • ●  Download size: ~10GB
  1. Air Studios Reverb
  2. Available: May 16th, 2024
    Price: £299 / $349 / €349

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