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New Hearth and Hollow “Folk Voices” Sample Library



Hearth and Hollow – Folk Voices, a testament to the natural textures and tonalities of indie folk music.


The enthusiastic reception from thousands of customers worldwide has inspired Spitfire Audio and Rogerson to introduce four new dynamic folk voices, enabling music makers to access that quintessential indie folk sound, akin to Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes.

Recorded in the serene acoustics of St. John’s Anglican Church, and featuring four configurable vocals (three soloists and one ensemble – “Willow”, “Juniper”, “Hawthorn”, and “Forest”) with 11 articulations and eight mixes, Hearth and Hollow – Folk Voices captures a real and intimate vocal session, highlighting the warmth and unique character each singer’s voice has to offer. Raw and unadorned, close-knit, and deeply personal, each vocalist brings a distinct flavor to the table.


  • Four arrangeable vocal styles (three solo, one combo), representing different approaches to the folk sound
  • Housed in a cozy, interactive UI that encourages intuitive sculpting and arranging
  • CC controllable vowel blending
  • Intuitive doubling control for creating instant double-tracked vocal parts
  • Articulations crafted and performed to mirror the common practices of indie vocals
  • Solo NKI’s of each singer for additional arrangement flexibility
  • Bonus NKI’s with true legato whistling and a human percussion kit
  • Download Size: 6.23GB

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