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Rob Papen Presents eXplorer-9 With 30 Plug-ins



Rob Papen presents eXplorer-9 as an inspirational bundle boosted to 30 plug-ins, including upgraded Go2-X and resurrected Albino-3 Legend virtual instruments.


eXplorer-9 exactly does as its inspirational bundle description implies — all the more so, in fact, with the upgraded Go2-X and resurrected Albino-3 Legend virtual instruments included as its first new products. Put it this way: when the original Go2 was under development, there was an obvious omission in Rob Papen’s ever-expanding lineup of inspirational virtual instruments — namely, a software synthesizer with all of its controls and features always in plain sight and always available to access onscreen. On the face of it, then, that ‘mission possible’ was well and truly achieved with the April 2018 release of Go2 to widespread critical acclaim; indeed, it instantly became popular worldwide with many musicians and composers attracted to both its ease and speed of use in their productions.

Fast-forward to today, though, and Go2 has been upgraded to Go2-X, effectively enhancing what was already an appropriately-named, go-to software synthesizer with many more useful features and improvements. It is, however, fair to say that not all Go2-X parameters are always available to access on screen, “…because we could not resist offering the option to be able to draw waveforms and morph between them.” So says Rob Papen himself, adding: “Next to the ARP section you can select WAVE, and here you can draw two waveforms — with some very sophisticated features available to the way you can draw them — to be used in a preset.” It is well worth highlighting here that the ARP section itself has been expanded with RATCH (ratcheting) functionality while the MAGIC MODE — originally introduced in Rob Papen’s BIT-2 as the ultimate virtual analog synthesizer — adds musical variation. eXplorer-9 has many other new features…

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