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New FabFilter Pro-R 2 Reverb Plug-in



FabFilter announces the availability of Pro-R 2, a transformative update to its groundbreaking Pro-R reverb.


Pro-R 2 brings a raft of new next-gen features to what was already a widely respected reverb plug-in, including comprehensive multichannel compatibility, two brand-new reverb algorithms, IR import and replication, ducking and gating functions, analog-style saturation, and much more. It is a huge technological and functional leap forward for the plug-in, and one made without any compromise to the slick workflow and stellar sound quality that Pro-R users already know and love.

Key features:
∙ Versatile, user-friendly, and sonically superlative professional reverb with three core algorithms for simulating realistic physical spaces, retro digital hardware, and electromechanical plates
∙ Unified room model and decay time (Space) knob, facilitating smooth transitions between reverb sizes and styles, from tiny boxes to vast arenas and everything in between
∙ Innovative Decay Rate EQ for incredibly precise shaping of tail frequencies over time, and six-band Post EQ for output equalization
∙ NEW Full immersive audio support up to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos, with per-band Decay Rate and Post EQ channel routing, and a dedicated panel for balancing individual reverb parameter levels between the front and back of the image
∙ NEW ‘Vintage’ reverb algorithm, replicating the sound and character of early digital reverbs
∙ NEW ‘Plate’ reverb algorithm, replicating the sound and character of vintage plate reverbs
∙ NEW IR import function (WAV and AIFF): algorithmically recreate and manipulate the sounds of favorite impulse responses within Pro-R 2
∙ NEW Ducking control for effortless separation of dry and wet signals
∙ NEW Thickness control for dialing in program-dependent density and saturation
∙ NEW Intelligent Auto Gate
∙ NEW Freeze button for endless playback of the captured reverb buffer at the point of activation
∙ NEW Full-featured preset browser, with tags, favorites, search and filter functions, and new factory preset library
∙ NEW Optional piano scale in the interactive reverb display for ‘musical’ EQ frequency referencing and snapping
∙ NEW Output level meters
∙ IMPROVED Increased Decay Rate range (25-400%)
∙ IMPROVED Mid/Side option added to Post EQ
∙ IMPROVED Speakers settings added to Decay Rate and Post EQ for channel selection in immersive channel layouts
∙ IMPROVED The Predelay knob moved to the top section

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