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Audiobro Unveils the Eternity Choir Sample Library



So you thought everything that could be done with sampling has been done?

Audiobro has just announced their latest sample library: Eternity Choir. We’ve been working with a pre-release version (review to follow soon), and it’s great – as expected, based on the quality of their Genesis children’s choir as well as their other libraries.

This library certainly isn’t the first to be able to sing words, but it has some unique programming features – including a look-ahead feature that goes a long way toward selecting the right articulations automatically.

Be sure to check out the demos on their product page (link at the end). Whoa.

Here’s their description. Again, watch for our full review in the near future.


Built on our exclusive Audiobro orchestral engine, the Eternity Adult Choir is our new flagship choir – an elite 48 piece multi-ensemble (4 sections) choir. Each ensemble was recorded separately so it’s like having four choirs in one. There is also an add-on library called Eternity Expansion featuring Array Divisi and Ribbon microphones. We carefully chose the choir and scoring stage size to provide you with the most flexibility in achieving lush, powerful, and detailed performances without sounding too “washy” with ambiance:

  • 12 Sopranos
  • 12 Altos
  • 12 Tenors
  • 12 Basses

A partial list of Eternity’s features:

  • Polyphonic with Real Polyphonic Legato and Melisma
  • Real aleatoric (dissonant choir FX) recordings, FX whispers, grunts, etc.
  • Over 100 phrase articulations
  • 6 sustains: 5 vowels and humming – multi-dynamic
  • 30 multi-dynamic short Latin syllables
  • 30 multi-dynamic long Latin syllables
  • User-programmable Latin-based phrases
  • 30 multi-dynamic whisper versions of the syllables
  • Round robin La-Las and Bom-Boms – short and long
  • 5 different round-robin grunts (long and short) Ha, Heh Hee, Hoh, Hoo
  • All syllable whispers
  • 3D Stage Panner for all divisis/ensembles in a single patch
  • Look Ahead feature reduces tedious MIDI editing
  • 4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far and Full Mix
  • DAW Integrations for Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Studio One, Reaper
  • Audiobro engine supports Kontakt and NKS

Aleatoric and FX include:

  • Aleatoric Shepard tones (looped)
  • Aleatoric Ah sustains per note across entire range (looped)
  • Aleatoric Oo sustains per note across entire range (looped)
  • Men morphing Ah-Eh-Ee-Oh-Oo per note (looped)
  • Clusters (looped)
  • Multiple Ah and Oo rises and falls at different ranges and durations
  • Aleatoric whispers (looped)
  • Wind (looped)
  • Rain (finder snaps)
  • Hand rubbing
  • Grunts at multiple dynamics and durations


For detailed choral writing or on occasions when you want the gorgeous sound of ribbon mics, the Eternity Expanded Library is for you!Eternity Expanded is a paid choir add-on library to the main library (Eternity Adult Choir). Eternity Expanded can only be purchased as a bundle with Eternity Adult Choir, or separately if you already own Eternity Adult Choir. In other words, you must own or purchase Eternity Adult Choir to use the Expanded version.

Eternity Expanded Mics:

  • 4 cardioid close mics array with Array Divisi
  • A stereo ribbon mic mix

Array Divisi:

Array Divisi is an exciting new feature based on the close mics in front of the singers. The 4 cardioid close mics focus on the small group of singers in front of the mics and each mic is assigned to our Auto Divisi engine resulting in what we call “Array Divisi“. This provides you all sorts of detailed control, from smaller sounding divisi section sizes to creative panning and more.

Choose the singers in front of Array Mic C (Sopranos C for example) to be the ones performing the lead voice. Pan them any way you want. The possibilities are endless.

Ribbon Mics:

The ribbon mics provide you with that sought-after “ribbon mic” sound. The Ribbon mics were placed between the close mics and the main stage Decca tree. This provides you with a nice warm sounding stereo 2-mic mix (versus the stage mics that are based on the 3-mic Decca tree).

Included Articulations:

Eternity Expanded has the same sustained and staccato articulations as the main Eternity Choir library (all Latin syllables and vowel sustains, legato melisma, etc.) minus all the Aleatoric and special FX, and pads.

Price: List price, $499, Expanded $299 (actual prices expected to be lower)

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