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New Soleil POD MIDI String Synth Table-Top Box



Inspired by the early vintage synths of the ‘70s, the Soleil POD from Synthetic Sound Labs is a tiny low-cost lo-fi MIDI string synth table-top box.

The Soleil POD is capable of playing 4 paraphonic notes with 2 oscillator ranks per note. Waveforms are continuously variable from thick sawtooth through variable pulse widths for more reedy sounds. The second rank is detunable for lush pads and honky-tonk riffs. 

The Soleil contains built-in modulation/vibrato LFO, the depth of which can be controlled by MIDI. Attack and release envelope times are individually adjustable and share a single VCA making this a “paraphonic” instrument. A gate output jack allows convenient triggering of external effects and synth equipment, and an LED displays its state. 

MIDI is input via a 3.5mm TRS Type “A” jack and responds to keyboard running status as well as pitch bend and modulation. An LED MIDI displays MIDI activity. MIDI channel defaults to channel 1 but can be easily reset to other channels using a unique sequence from your controller keyboard at power-up, which is retained in non-volatile memory.

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