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Impact Soundworks Rosette Mandolin Sample Library Is Out



Sampled mandolin with a lot of extra features to maximize and enhance the sound

You’ve read about Impact Soundworks Shreddage series here (if you hadn’t already heard of their sample libraries). We’re fans of theirs going back to the original Shreddage many years ago. Now they’ve adapted the programming they did for other pluckables to Rosette Mandolin, their latest.

Here’s the company release:

Rosette Mandolin features a four string, F-style mandolin, the version of the instrument preferred by bluegrass musicians and also suitable for country, folk, Celtic, world music, rock and pop music. Every string and fret has been sampled with both up and down strokes at the same level of depth and variety that makes Impact Soundworks’ guitar libraries so realistic, as well as a wide range of essential articulations, including the bluegrass mandolin’s signature chops and tapping.

Impact Soundworks has been developing virtual guitars for over a decade to hone and perfect the engine driving both Shreddage and Rosette. Users can choose the performance of their virtual player, or allow the default algorithms to provide realistic and varied fret movement of the virtual hand. Rosette Mandolin also includes a full range of articulations, customizable keyswitch mapping and strumming, and a range of ready-to-go acoustic presets to fit many different genres.

“Our Pedal Steel guitar is among our best-selling instruments of all time, so we’re excited to be expanding into folk, country, and bluegrass-style music again with Rosette Mandolin,” said ISW CEO and president Andrew Aversa. “This is also the first time we’ve gone outside the boundaries of acoustic or electric guitars, which I’m very excited about… and it certainly won’t be the last!”

This launch is the first new release in Impact Soundworks’ Strumapalooza, a celebration of guitar-related releases particularly relevant to country, rock-n-roll, and similar styles of music.

Current price: $109

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