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New Marty Friedman Signature Pack



Overloud announces TH-U Marty Friedman Signature Pack, an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed with metal legend Marty Friedman (Megadeth).

The pack includes all the models used to recreate Marty Friedman’s iconic, powerful sound that continues to influence modern metal. Marty Friedman’s go-to pedal, amplifier, and cabinet setups are featured in this TH-U Pack, including:

– Four signature amps + three signature cabs captured from his most iconic setups
– Three signature pedals with infinitely tweakable settings
– 15 presets hand-selected to recreate tones used in his hit songs
– Plus, one cab, and eight effects, including overdrive, compressor, delay, and modulation pedals and racks from the TH-U Premium collection

TH-U Marty Friedman is both a TH-U expansion pack and a standalone plugin, meaning that it can expand the model list of an existing TH-U installation, or it can also be purchased as a self-contained pack that includes all the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Tuner, and the Looper, with no need to have a pre-existing TH-U license.

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